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Sample Price on 500,000 gold from a random World of Warcraft server on Apr 20th 2017.

Alliance: $81.39
Horde: $81.40

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I have thought highly of this company since I first started doing World of Warcraft gold reviews many years ago. Guy4game has remained a rock solid gold seller and offer a wide aray of services items and honor powerleveling. Very few other companies provide the features that Guy4game offers.



-Reputation. This has been an established company that has sold game currency for a long time and they have a lot of loyal customers.

-They communicate very well with the customer and offer many ways for them to be contacted.

-Price. They have some of the best prices on gold and usually are well stocked. They have added what they call "Low Price Garentee", this does not mean they will price match but it does list industry average price and lists their price for gold.

-Bonus Gold. They offer 10% extra gold on every purchase you make with them.

-Services they offer. Guy4game does everything except buy gold from players. Guy4game sells gold, powerleveling experience, honor, reputation, arena points, PVP gear and even tier gear from 10 and 25 man raids.

-Delivery time. They deliver fast in game and they now state they will give a bonus of 25% of whatever they cannot deliver after 24 hours.


-Would be nice if Guy4game bought gold from players as well but they do it all without having to buy from players.



I currently consider this company to be the top WOW service company on the Internet. Other World of Warcraft gold selling companies may offer gold or services, a few offer both but Guy4game offers both good prices on gold and offer a lot of services that most sites do not offer. This company is one of the best places to buy World of Warcraft gold and services such as powerleveling. I have been watching this company for several years and I highly recommend using them.


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Updated on Apr 20th 2017