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Epictoon - Is listed as the top wow gold site on the internet. This company has good delivery times, customer service, prices on wow gold and they have a really good reputation.

IGE Review - I currently list this company as one of the best WOW gold sites on the internet. I had removed IGE from the top list several years ago but since IGE was bought out and now they have done a 180 in how they perform as a company. IGE now has good prices on gold, great customer services and good delivery times. I have received many positive reviews on this gold company since they had an ownership change several years ago. Please see the IGE review.

BankofWOW Review - Bank of WOW has the best prices you will find on WOW gold. This company price matches to offer you the cheapest wow gold prices on the internet. They update prices on their site every 2 hours and this is the best place to buy WOW gold.

Guy4game Review - This is the best site you will find for combined features and price. Guy4game has good very good prices on gold and offers a lot of services other sites do not offer such as skill leveling, honor grinding, and reputation leveling. The customer service is very good and the site is very well done.


WOW gold sites I have removed from my top list: - I had high hopes for this site as it was related to Team-VIP but this site never quite shaped up as it should of. FAQ pages never got added, communication with some departments never got back to me. Their site is not active anymore.

WOWmine Review - This use to be a good WOW gold company(a long time ago) but it went bad. This company has had many complaints against it and no longer exists after a lawsuit was made against it for click fraud. Review - Gamepal use to be a good company to use for a while but then things when bad and I was I no longer able to contact them. I also had complaints that the affiliate program for had ceased to exist and that the company was sold. They seemed to be a little bit better for a while but I never had confirmation of this. After just checking the area to buy wow gold is not coming up. I do not recommend using them at this time until things are straighted out and until I get a few positive reviews.

GMbar Review - The site had issues when I removed them from my site, pages not coming up, code issues and so forth. Nothing against how they perform as a company but how the site was working at the time forced me to remove them from my list.

Team-VIP Review - Was acquired by another company. Team VIP's main site now is Team-VIP's site no longer exists. - Was removed as I was not getting much feedback. Tekgaming has issues with their website, some pages are not loading and the site has an affiliate issue.


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Updated on July 14th 2013