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WOW Gold Review of RPGtrader


This WOW gold site was not up when I checked on it last so they maybe out of business now.


Previous to this:


The Good:

-The price they listed WOW gold for was usually not that bad.

-RPGtrader.com provided estimated ETAs of when to expect your WOW gold and this is a nice feature(no idea how accurate it is though). This company also buys World of Warcraft gold as well as just selling it(depending on if they need any on that server).

The Bad:

I was told a lot of good things about this site so I figured I would list it to see what the reviewers think of this site. So far it is missing the FAQ(for over a year now)and I have not been able to communicate with them. Due to these reasons and others (a lot of complaints) I have removed them from my list.


I would not use RPGtrader to buy gold from at this point.fail report

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Updated on July 14th 2013