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Sample Price on 10,000 gold from a random World of Warcraft server on April 18th, 2013.

Alliance: NA
Horde: NA

-When I tried to check the price over the last couple of days the link was broken on their site to buy gold.


Gamepal is a very large MMORPG currency and service provider in the industry. They have good prices and good service now.

GamePal has one of the best layouts for of gold seller I have seen. The site is clean and easy to navigate and once you login you have more features than I have ever seen available on any other gold selling site. Some of the surprising features include a coupon program and a point program where when you make purchases you get points to spend on other rewards they offer.

GamePal offers powerleveling, account rentals, account sales, sell gold, buy gold, account trades and have competitive prices.

They now have recently added FAQ area and that was one of the few things they were lacking to this point and is no surprise to me that they added this.


I had a lot of problems with this site about two years ago and had to remove it from my top list. I think this site had come under new ownership or was down. My emails to them were not being responded to.

The customer support they had was very bad when it came to the affiliate program. They do not have a phone number or email for contact them.

Please note all of the bad experiences happened long ago..



GamePal is doing much better now and is worth using as a company to purchase gold from. If you use them please leave me a review to tell me how they are doing now.


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Updated on Sept 12th 2013