WOW Gold Central Review of BankofWOW

BankofWOW is a WOW gold selling company that has opperated for many years specializing in selling for World of Warcraft and just recently Diablo 3. BankofWOW has very good prices and have a price match garentee of sorts, they match thier prices against a set of companies they have on list and adjust thier prices automaticly.


-Good prices on WOW gold.

-This company has been around for a long time (since 2005) and has a good reputation.

-Bank of WOW has good deliver times for gold.


-The price match garentee is not the garentee that some may think as they will not match prices on sites you may find as being lower than their prices.

-They do not offer power leveling or other services for the game.

-Quite a while back the company had undergone a "Paypal Money Laundering Review", it passed the review but the review lasted for a month and greatly impacted how they could send and recieve money during that period via paypal.

-I recieved a small number of complaints on customer service have been recieved but all have been resolved when I inquired about them.


This is a highly specialized company that has good prices on WOW gold. I highly recommend this company as one of the best places to buy WOW gold.

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Updated on Aug 24th, 2013